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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: AMC's initiative

Understanding AMC's Initiative

Video One, 20 minutes,  Definitions and Terminology, diversity, equity, inclusion, tolerance, etc.

Why is DEI Important to AMC?

Video One, 20 minutes

AMC's main DEI web page ... link


Creating a Diverse Space within the AMC-DV Chapter ... link


Tips for AMC leaders ... link

Celebrating Explorers and Adventurers in History: AMC-DV Footnotes Articles

Matthew Hensen

Spring 2018

Freya Stark

Fall 2018

Buffalo Soldiers

Spring 2019

Adventure Gap

Book Review

Fall 2018

  • Goals for 2019

    1. Conduct a live web-based Town Hall for the AMC-DV members to engage with the AMC-DV Leadership; providing opportunities to provide input and participate in discussion, without having to commute to a meeting place, which may be a barrier to Chapter participation.


    2. Collaborate with local like-minded outdoor clubs


    3. Create a tip sheet for Chapter Leaders, on how to create a welcoming atmosphere and reduce unintended bias and barriers to activity participation.


    4. Identify needs in the community, where outdoor opportunities may be limited or education is needed; identify creative approaches to address these needs.


    5. Ensure intentional constructs incorporated into AMC-DV social events which create an inclusive and welcoming environment


    6. Launch the AMC-DV website, offering a toolkit and information area for the AMC-DV community.


    7. Offer AMC-DV activities which profile the richness and diversity of the histories and cultures within our local outdoor communities.


  • Accomplishments of 2018

    1. Created a formal DEI Committee which holds a leadership chair position in the AMC-DV Executive Committee.


    2. Trained the AMC-DV Executive Committee on the DEI Initiative and associated skills in creating an inclusive and diverse organizational culture.


    3. A DEI Committee member holds a position on the AMC-DV Nominating Committee, as they seek out new candidates for Executive Committee chair positions.


    4. Integrated DEI training  into AMC activity leadership training


    5. Collaborated with AMC Boston Headquarters to update and the AMC Code of Conduct to align with the DEI initaitve


    6. Author AMC-DV Chapter newsletter articles profiling great explorers and adventures who are representative of minorities and marginalized communities.


    7 Celebrate Black History Month with educational opportunities on African Americans who have contributed to outdoor adventure and exploration.


    8. Identified  publications on diversity in the outdoors and profiled a book review in our Chapter newsletter and website.


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