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Delaware Canal Vision Study AMC staff was involved in developing this draft document and has made comments. Please  review and comment on the draft as individuals and recreational users. Learn more and comment here.

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More than three-quarters of all trip reports now submitted electronically

In 2016, our chapter ran 767 trips, and 583 of these were submitted electronically, reports hiking chair  Malcolm Preece. This innovative system was designed and implemented by two chapter volunteers. John Rowen wrote the program code, and serves as the primary support person for passwords and help. Eric Pavlak created the instruction pages ( and e-mail system, and serves as the help backup.

Your report and sign in sheet  is automatically sent to the trip logger, to the appropriate activity chair, and to AMC headquarters in Boston. A backup copy of your scanned sign-in sheet is automatically made. And you can get a copy of your submitted report sent back to you. All without paper or postage.

Lifetime National Parks Pass for 62+ to rise from $10 to $80

If you are or soon will be 62 years old, get your lifetime National Parks Pass now. The price of a senior pass to the national parks, good for your lifetime, will soon jump to $80. If you're 62 or older and don't yet have your pass, buy it now before the price increases.

Passes are available at most national parks, and may be ordered on line with an extra $10 service fee.

"I can tell you that it is not immediately," Tom Crosson, the National Park Service's chief spokesman, said  when asked how soon the new price might take effect. ... more

Rand Salani, leader of challenging hikes, named Volunteer of the Month

Rand Salani has been selected as our Volunteer of the Month. Rand completed Leadership Training in April 2016 and began almost immediately to lead hikes for the Chapter. He is known for planning hikes with a high level of challenge in both terrain and distance and has developed a following of hikers who are equally excited about taking on greater challenges and variety in hikes.

Rand’s love of the outdoors and hiking is easy to see in his wide smile as he talks about his hikes and the places he plans to go in the future. Rand also has a great enthusiasm for the Appalachian Trail and is helping other hikers who have goals to section hike the AT both locally and at a distance. I

n his work life, Rand demonstrates his love of the outdoors as a professional photographer who specializes in landscape photos of New Jersey and Grand Teton’s moonscapes. In addition to hiking he has a passion for cross country running and his total miles run exceed the circumference of the earth.

The Chapter’s Volunteer of the Month program was initiated to recognize volunteers nominated by their peers. Chapter members can nominate volunteers by e-mail to

The nomination should contain the nominee’s name, reason for the recognition, and name of the nominator. Each nominee name is entered into a random drawing for the Volunteer of the Month recognition. The monthly winners are entered into an annual drawing at the Annual Dinner for a grand prize of a weekend stay at an AMC facility. Nominees must be an AMC member, not a member of the current Executive Committee, and may serve in any volunteer capacity that benefits the Chapter mission in the Delaware Valley area. See the past Volunteers of the Month.d encouraged many new AMC hikers and has developed a loyal following in these activities.

Greg Bernet is Appie of the Year

The 2016 Appie of the Year is Greg Bernet, who has been a DV Chapter member since 2004. He is an active hike leader for our chapter, leading many hikes both during the week, and on weekends. Looking to give back even more, he has been a regular volunteer with our chapter AT maintenance crew, helping to keep the 15 miles of the AT that our chapter maintains blazed and free of debris and blow downs. He also personally maintains a section of the AT in New Jersey working with the NY/NJ Trail Conference.

He recently agreed to take the lead on the Chapter’s newly formed Highlands Stewardship Committee, and has been busy this year organizing chapter volunteer work crews in Bucks County’s Ringing Rocks Park, working to blaze and maintain trails there. As if that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, he also took the lead on organizing our chapter AT Corridor Monitoring program, increasing the number of volunteers from a handful to close to twenty. Trail maintenance is an important part of AMC’s mission, and due to our Appie of the Year’s hard work, more of our chapter members are getting involved in the process and having fun doing it.

Pat and Ken Sacks named Golden Appies of the Year

Pat and Ken Sacks have been involved with the chapter’s Leroy Smith Shelter since it was built in 1974. Ken was part of the original construction crew and became Shelter Chair in 1987. He continued in this role for many years, until he was replaced in 1996 by his wife Pat. She has remained in this role for 20 years now, coordinating the Shelter Watch program that involves some 30 chapter volunteers who monitor conditions at the shelter and help keep it in excellent condition.

Pat also has compiled an occasional article for Footnotes from the entries in the shelter log book called Leroy’s Log, which provides an interesting view of the many people who use and enjoy the shelter each year. For their many years of devoted service to AMC-DV and the Leroy Smith Shelter, the Chapter is honored to recognize them as our 2016 Golden Appie of the Year winners.

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